Prof. Antonello Monti, RWTH Aachen and Fraunhofer FIT

The energy system is facing an unprecedented transformation mostly driven by the process of decarbonization making renewable energy sources the new main player. At the same time, the transformation of other sectors is bringing relevant changes also on the load side (e.g. electric vehicles, heat pumps).

In this process, digitalization is emerging as a key enabler. It can actually be stated that digitalization is not an option but a necessity. The power system is consequently becoming a large, programmable data driven system.

The presentation will address this complexity by analyzing solutions that are currently under development for the different levels of the infrastructure. Rethinking the whole architecture means reconsider the basic principles of operation of the new power system but also the corresponding IT systems.

The presentation will not only propose solutions but also support the approaches thanks to concrete experiences mostly developed within the framework of large European research projects.

in collaboration with 
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14. Mai. 2024
E. ON Energy Research Center Mathieustraße 10 52074 Aachen
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